Why Hire a Landscape Industry Certified Technician

Thursday, July 31st, 2014


Hiring a landscape contractor for your property is not an easy job. An estimate alone doesn’t gauge the quality and professionalism the company can offer your community, but when a contractor is certified in the landscape industry, this speaks volumes.


Landscape Industry Certified Program from Raegan Matthews on Vimeo.


When looking for the best landscape contractor to do the job, consider those with “Landscape Industry Certified Technician” or the initials “CLT” on their business card. This designation stands for much more than just an everyday landscaper passing any ordinary test. The program is an internationally recognized certification, which identifies skilled landscape professionals who display expertise in the landscape workforce.

How can you benefit from a landscape crew that has demonstrated its expertise and competency through rigorous written and hands-on testing? This crew of professionals has the knowledge to get the job done right the first time, resulting in fewer call-backs or costly re-dos. They have the skills to create a visually appealing landscape that makes your property stand out in the eyes of current and prospective clients. Skilled workers are better able to identify and fix minor problems, like a small water leak, before they become catastrophes, using the latest water-efficient irrigation products. Bottom line: A certified crew can save you money and heartache.

The test is administered by the California Landscape Contractors Association, a state-wide trade organization of licensed landscape and landscape related contractors who aim to serve, protect and promote professionalism and advance public awareness of the landscape industry. Certified individuals have demonstrated technical knowledge in one or more of the following specialties: irrigation technology, efficient turf and ornamental maintenance applications and hardscape and softscape installation.


What the Landscape Industry Certified Technician designation might mean to you:

Landscape Industry Certified is an international certification program that sets apart landscapers who know how to maintain a landscape in a safe, efficient, and appropriate manner. Community members want to see beautiful plants and pristine turf, but they also want that landscape to be sustainable and affordable. Each certified individual is committed to complete continuing education courses to maintain their certification status, so they will always stay current on new tools and techniques that can benefit your project.

Announcing that your management board has hired a company that employs Landscape Industry Certified Technicians, coupled with a definition of what a certified individual has had to go through to earn their certificate, is a good way to brand the board as sound decision makers. Companies that have certified technicians proudly show their designation with logo stickers on their work vehicles and on uniforms that will be present on the grounds of your property. Certification is an international testing program consisting of both written and field problems, which seeks to recognize proficiency in the landscape workforce, upgrade the status of the landscape professional and provide the public with a means of identifying qualified landscape professionals. Visit www.clca.us/certification for more information.